How I am starting my New Years resolutions off differently this year

If you are anything like me then your New Years resolutions always start off strong then a day comes by where you say to yourself ' oh I will do it tomorrow' and tomorrow just never seems to come. So you end up accepting your life for what is until next year January.

It can just be so difficult to break out of your old routine but if you do what you've always done then you will get what you've always got. So I am going to approach this year a bit differently. Instead of trying to change all aspects of my life at once I have decided to take a slower approach with more intention. There are 365 days in the year and not everything has to be changed in the first 31, it's a steady step by step process. So here's to being slow, steady and accomplishing our goals.

Here are 3 tips that I will be focusing on this year which may also help you on your journey of achieving your goals and sticking to your healthy habits.

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Make a plan.

Making a written or visual plan for 2022 can help to combat procrastination and give more order to your new year. A schedule makes your plans more concrete and clears your mind from clutter, making it easier to follow your goals. I have a monthly wall planner so I can see my schedule for the whole month but do whatever works best for you and your environment. Also don't forget to schedule in something enjoyable to do at least once a month as balance is key!

One of my goals for this year is to exercise regularly which has been my goal for the last 3 years (hangs head in shame). I have been stuck in a habit of doing things based on whether I am in the mood rather than sticking to a plan. I once read something which said to achieve your goals it is not about just doing it on the days you feel like it, it's also about doing it on the days you don't. This is how you will progress, this is how you will achieve and having a plan of action leaves less time for thinking and more time for doing!

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Remember the why.

The driving force for completing your resolutions should be your why. Why do you have these goals ? How does it benefit your life ? and how is it meant to make you feel ? Not everyones goals are going to be the same and your goals should be personal to you. The reason why, is what will keep you motivated and pick you up on your difficult days. Maybe its for peace of mind or better health, whatever your reason make sure to remember it and keep referring back to it.

For 2022 I want to have a nourishing morning routine which I practice every morning instead of just looking at my phone, or pressing the snooze alarm until I've hit that deadline to get out of bed. The reason why ? because I want to start my morning off the way I intend to go throughout my day. I want to feel relaxed and at peace and although stressful situations may arise, tuning into the feeling of the morning should help to ground myself and return back to my peaceful state. So on the days where I feel uninspired to complete my morning routine I will come back to the 'why' and that's my willpower.

Make a promise to yourself

It's funny how we feel bad about breaking promises to other people but when it comes to ourselves we're a little less cautious but the promises you make to yourself should be the most important. I feel like its almost an act of self love to keep these promises. I always like to think of my younger self and think about what she would inspire to be, how can I make her proud, how can I make myself proud. So this year make a promise to yourself to stick to your goals or at least promise yourself to try your absolute best as that's all we can really do. So take it easy, remember you have 365 days to make this work and its okay to slip up sometimes but make sure to get back on track. Write your goals, remember your why and keep the promises you make to yourself.

I hope this gives you a little motivation for 2022! Happy new year and may we all achieve our deepest desires.

Love & Light,

Amarah Alexandra

(Founder of Mara Luna)

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