Mara Luna's Aura wax melts have been delicately handmade to give you a dual, 2in1 fragrant experience. Combined with the luxury fragrance oils of Frankincense, amber, myrrh and patchouli, these are sure to create an angelic atmosphere.  


Each moon has been made with natural soy wax and infused with frankincense resin, carved from the genus boswellia sacra tree. Once the wax melt has melted the frankincense can be scooped out and left to simmer on charcoal, allowing you to create a second fragrant experience. 


Frankincense resin is often burned in religious ceremonies and was believed to increase one's spiritual connection and intuition. Frankincense is perfect for meditation practices as the scent is calming and grounding, encouraging feelings of peace and connection to the present moment. 


All wax melts have been carefully considered and handmade by Mara Luna, offering you a luxurious and bespoke experience in hopes that in return it will enrich your life with indulgence and serenity. Enjoy up to 25 hours of fragrance with each pack.


What's included ?

6 moon shaped wax melts infused with frankincense resin.

2 charcoal discs.

A complimentary wax melt to gift to a friend. 

Optional: A gift note.


All wax melts are  posted in a cardboard letter box which means it can be posted straight through your door.


CAUTION: Please be careful when using these wax melts and view full instructions here before purchasing.  Frankincense resin is not to be burned during pregnancy due to its emmenagogue and astringent qualities. Mara Luna is not responsible for improper use.

Aura soy wax melts


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