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Holistic lifestyle

Mara Luna is an holistic lifestyle brand based in the UK. 

Created by award winning designer Amarah Alexandra, her aim is to produce products that encourage peaceful and well balanced lifestyles.

All products have been individually handcrafted with care and inspired by spirituality, philosophies and wellbeing. 

With a meaningful and sincere approach Mara Luna hopes to make a positive impact on the life of others.

Yoga at Home
"My hope is to instil a sense of peace, harmony and tranquillity into the lifestyles of others "

- Amarah Alexandra -

Crystal intention candles

Light your way to a sense of inner peace with Mara Luna’s crystal intention candles. All candles have been mindfully made to encourage soulful routines by using a combination of fragrance, crystals and mantra's, holding space for you to connect to your mind, body and soul. Filled with natural soy wax and luxury fragrance oils, each candle will transform your space into an ambient and tranquil atmosphere.

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Mara Luna  

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Hi! My name is Amarah Alexandra and I am the founder of Mara Luna. Let me start off by unravelling the meaning of the brand name.


In Spanish, "Mar" means sea and "Luna" means moon.

Both of these elements resonate with me deeply.

The sea gives me a sense of tranquillity and stillness and the moon makes me feel grounded and connected to the Earth. I aim to incorporate and reflect these feelings in the ethos of the Mara Luna brand, instilling a sense of pureness, harmony and balance into the lifestyles of those wanting to explore these principles. 


I’m responsible for the design, production, photography and branding as well as being the voice of Mara Luna. 

Being able to put my all into this brand and positively impact the lives of others gives me a real sense of joy and fulfilment. 


In sharing my aspirations I hope for you to better understand my brand and grow to appreciate it, love it and perhaps want to incorporate some Mara Luna magic in your own life. 


Amarah Alexandra 



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